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Creepy crawlies!

Now the kiddies are back to school we can look forward to the lovely head lice,(Pediculosis Capitis) to give it the latin name. How can we minimise the problem? Well you can buy expensive lotions and potions to get rid of them but this costs lots and is not really great for the environment, it also makes the lice more resistant to the treatment.

The best way to eliminate them is to;

  1. shampoo and condition the hair

  2. whilst the conditioner is in the hair comb the hair in small sections using a fine tooth nit comb.

  3. rinse and dry the hair as normal.

  4. do this for 3 consecutive days then leave for one week.

  5. at the start of the second week repeat the above proceedures.

This works on the life cycle of the head louse and will get rid of them.

Remember that combing is the best way to deal with this problem as it breaks their legs and they die.

Head lice like clean hair, they are often found in the nape of the neck or behind the ears, they cannot fly or jump, they are passed through direct contact (head to head). Although this should not be as much of a problem during social distancing its often a problem with small children of primary school age, we're not sure how much distancing is going on with this age group so its best to check often.

Article written by Karen Samuels Principal.

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